Membership Benefits


Members will be provided the opportunity to seek representation on the Downtown Charlottetown Board.


Development of a brand and year round marketing program where members will benefit from increased business generation and investment in the city centre. Members will be able to participate in Co-op Marketing Programs with local advertising subsidized by DCI.


Provide a forum for members and stakeholders to work in partnership to advocate and lobby for common goals that will foster growth and prosperity in the downtown.

Member Discounts

Potential savings on bulk purchases of media and other common procurement items.


Work in partnership to encourage the sharing of business inquiries on products and services with other members.

Access to Information

Regular communication to members on what is happening in the downtown through timely newsletters.


Opportunity for members to promote their business through DCI events, publications and social media.

Business Assistance

Provide up to date information on any resources, support and business opportunities available.