At eco.spirit we are the only eco-friendly, sustainable, store on PEI. Our clothing is made from Natural fibres, our aromatherapy/health and beauty is all natural and our focus is on Canadian Made products. Eco.Spirit is passionate about bring eco-friendly sustainable products to the Island.

April Cornell from QC – Embroidered Velvet Tunic, Cotton Shirt w/ lace cuffs, Embroidered legging


No-Mi-No-U from BC – OOM leggings made from recycled plastic bottles, paired w Tresart Ceche  Alpaca Poncho.


 Tresart Cache from QC – Recycled Alpaca, Wool, and Cotton Poncho

No-Mi-No-U  – Tummy Control leggings from recycled plastic bottles &

Echo Verde  from BC – Eco Merino Wool Sweater.

Prices range between $40.00 – $140.00


Location: Confederation Court Mall, 134 Kent Street

Check them out on FB, Insta and Twitter under Naturallycanada.  or at


 Loving the footprint you leave!!