DCI has has identified five priority areas; Business Development which includes Business Recruitment, Marketing, Advocacy, City Enhancement and Green City. A committee has been created to address and actively work on each of these priorities.

Business Development

Mandate: to work together with interested partners to further business development in Downtown Charlottetown by encouraging and supporting long term viable private sector projects.


  1. To support existing businesses
  2. To retain & attract professional offices
  3. To attract new businesses


Mandate: to highlight the downtown commercial, residential, retailing, dining and entertainment communities by publicizing their attributes and designing appropriate communications campaigns and promotions which will draw and retain businesses and customers downtown; and to promote the BIA and its members through awareness programs designed to enhance exposure and recognition.


  1. Create partnerships for dci initiatives
  2. Support other committees within DCI
  3. Increase awareness by linking business, cultural events and relevant organizations to develop a synergy of activities in the downtown and develop a marketing plan


Mandate: To represent property and business owners in the development and implementation of policy that affects the business vitality of downtown.


The goal of the advocacy committee is to keep the best interests of Downtown Charlottetown in the forefront of decision-making agencies and government. The primary purpose is to lobby the appropriate decision-makers regarding solutions to problems and issues that have been identified from within the membership of DCI.

City Enhancement

This is a new committee for DCI; it includes both beautification and parking.

Our goal is to improve the physical aspect of downtown so as to encourage users, residents and business people to want to make downtown their destination of choice.

Parking: The BIA, through the Parking Committee, is committed to providing convenient and affordable parking for employees and visitors in downtown Charlottetown.

Green Committee

Mandate: To increase the awareness of residents, users and governmental agencies of the environmental effects of development within the City and of the impact of global warming on the City of Charlottetown

Goal: To moderate the environmental impact of residents and visitors in the City of Charlottetown